Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Left At The Altar!



    So… Liz had another affair. But then when she found out Todd had one too, she gets mad and breaks up with him?

    Really… which of these two do you hate more?

    You kind of wish they could just be friends… with benefits.

    You know, like the relationship Todd consistently has with her sister.

    Elizabeth Wakefield and Todd Wilkins. No two people deserve each other more. Except Todd Wilkins and JESSICA Wakefield.

    No wonder they wound up together.

    –All My Best (About The Worst), Dane Youssef

  2. Yes, folks. It's all true. Liz had another affair--with a werewolf in London! Literally! "#105--A Date With A Werewolf." And Todd had one back home.

    Oh yes, and someone IS left at the altar! Jessica's crushing on the groom-to-be... just long enough to stop someone from getting married. Then gets over it less than a whole five seconds later...

    (sighs) Just another day in Sweet Valley...

    --Fondest Regards, Dane Youssef